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Mathemalounge is an excellent opportunity for members of the Mathema community to utilise the full benefits of being a Mathematainment member. These benefits include access to Mathemalounge facilities such as relaxing with friends and family at the lounge area, by the swimming pool, Fitness centre and much more. The priority of Mathema Lounge is to reward members of the Mathematainment community who strive to create tutorial videos of the highest quality and have a passion for passing on their skills to other members in the community.

Mathema Lounge offers its members access to all lounge facilities such as the main lounge, meeting rooms, studio rooms, swimming pool, fitness centre, etc. In order to encourage members to contribute to the community in a helpful and positive way, Mathema Lounge will also offer them the chance to win a flight to Doha, Qatar along with a free stay in the hotel and access to all its facilities. The idea of Mathema Lounge is to attract members of the Mathematainment community to create and publish high-quality video tutorials in an effort to enrich the Mathema environment.

Moreover, We at Mathema Lounge do not follow a traditional business centric model to sustain ourselves but rather prefer to follow a symbiotic business plan to grow alongside our members in the community. Our success increases the success of our members and theirs increases ours.

How are we different?
What makes Mathematainment different from others out there, is that our main priority will always be the protection and conservation of online course providers who wish to further the cause of education at a global level, while at the same time earning their daily bread through their work. If you’re an online course provider with a popular following, come join us and feel the difference!


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