How it works

  • 1)What is Mathematainment?

    Mathematainment is the new online learning website that offers a range of courses across various disciplines. Currently, we are working with a number of talented artists, personal trainers and, IT gurus to create some fantastic content. Mathematainment also encourages you to upload your own content, promote and sell.

  • 2)How do I go about selling?

    Selling on Mathematainment could not be easier. Simply register for a free** profile, once you are logged in, hit the create a course button and follow the steps. Videos and other files can be bulk loaded through the library feature, allowing you to set up the course more quickly.

    What you will benefit from subscribing monthly or yearly.

    • New and updated videos for all under one subscription, directly from exclusive top rated Mathematainment teachers.
    • Access to the Mathematainment management system allowing you to upload a variety of learning resources – from videos, presentations, audio files and documents.
    • Priority assistance from our team, if you need advice on promoting, or even creating your video our team will be available to advise.
    • Early bird access to Mathematainment events and tickets.

  • 3)How do I get paid?

    Currently mathematainment uses globally recognized PayPal gateway to process all transactions. Head over to your dashboard, edit your profile and add your PayPal username. Payments will be usually processed within 1-2 days with all payments being made within a maximum of 30 days. Authors of educational resources are paid a major percentage of sale price (minus transaction fees).

  • 4)What is the dashboard?

    Your dashboard is where all the magic happens. You’ll be able to see who has purchased your course, what money is owed to you, how many historical sales you’ve made and edit your profile all from one snazzy location.

  • 5)How do I work out my pricing?

    If you are selling your own work then your pricing is entirely down to you - you will get paid every time someone downloads your resources. You may choose to provide free resources as well so that people can sample your resources, building their trust in your credibility.

    Be sensible with your pricing, look at other courses and do your own research, if you need further advice on pricing your video please contact us on

  • 6)Can I work with you exclusively for extra promotion?

    We’re always looking to work with talented individuals who have a creative way of teaching whether it be art, math, science or anything else for that matter. Mathematainment can provide the necessary filming, location and editing. If you are interested in our Mathematainment Exclusivity package, then please email us with your details and your subject matter on

  • 7)What is the Mathematainment referral feature?

    This is where it gets interesting! Mathematainment allows you to be a seller of content and have your own online store without ever creating a course. Each course you purchase will be uploaded to your public profile. Promote your profile by advertising, sharing and have people purchase for an incentive.

  • 8)How do I contact you if I have any issues or just want a friendly chat?

    We’re all ears... Drop us an email on

  • 9)I’ve seen someone copy my content, what shall I do?

    Keep calm and contact Mathematainment on we take copyright infringement very seriously. Once we have completed our assessment users can be banned or even prosecuted.

  • 10)Course length and Quality On average how long should a course be?

    On average our courses are approx. 3hrs. However, this does not mean we do not have courses which are far longer or even shorter. Think of it this way, if you have the ability to take a complicated subject and teach it within a fraction of the time – then perfect! Mathematainment encourages you to teach clearly and concisely, breaking your course down into manageable chunks making the learning experience both easier and more enjoyable.

  • 11)Does it have to be Hollywood Quality?

    We can’t all be Steven Spielberg. so we’re not asking for a Hollywood production. We do ask however, invest in a fairly good microphone, a camera that will give you a clear video and make your video stand out. Key things to remember is try and be original, clear and make your teaching technique as easy as possible to grasp.

  • 12)I don’t know how to use a camera, I’m just not very technical?

    If you really have something to teach but you’re just not technical, not to worry we can try our best to assist you. Contact us on for more information.

  • 13)Do you need help to organize your thoughts, ideas or your videos?

    Mathematainment offers assistance to anybody who’s looking to produce their course but needs a little help on the way. Perhaps you are not very technical, have a great idea but need help in organizing it or just need some advice on timing and pricing.

    Contact our team on Though we are a small team that is continually growing, we have a wealth of experience and can assist in putting you in the right direction

    After having a chat with you and discussing your idea you may even find that we’d be willing to invest with you and help you get to where you aim to be

  • 14)How can I benefit from the website?

    Apart from learning from some of the best teachers out there in your own time, Mathematainment is designed to be your central hub for education and commerce.

    • Earn a real income from uploading and selling your own course
    • Publish your thoughts and findings through your own articles
    • Gain the opportunity to be promoted to a wider audience
    • Refer courses and earn, even if you have not uploaded your own
    • Teacher or Learning institution? – Avoid the time and cost in maintaining and building your own platform and have your resources up ready to be used in minutes.
    • Students – find a wealth of information from teachers across the globe. Some of our content creators have over 40 years of experience.

  • 15)Would you like to work for Mathematainment?

    Be a part of our ever growing team. If you are committed, talented and dedicated plus like a challenge then we could be the perfect fit. Check back here for the latest openings at Mathematainment.

  • 16)Don’t forget the business idea behind Mathematainment?

    Mathematainment not only provides an outlet for any and all educational resources but it acts as your very own online store. A purchased item immediately becomes visible on your public profile, the more you buy the more you ‘stock your shop’ As you promote your profile and build sales you will be awarded a commission directly from Mathematainment. So get buying and get selling!

  • 17)Why buy from me when they can purchase from the website?

    It simply comes down to authority and promotion. If you are promoting your page correctly, are marketing well and have gained some authority amongst your followers then why not buy from you? Individuals who trust you and believe in your advice or product selection will feel more comfortable and familiar in buying directly from you.

  • 18)How do you benefit from buying from other users?

    Mathematainment is a cycle of knowledge, not only does buying from other profiles or authors that you enjoy help them in raising their profile but it makes referring their content far easier. Users will buy based on familiarity, reviews and of course a good product. Buying from each other increases the trust flow across profiles, benefitting everyone!

  • 19)I have articles but I don’t know how to market myself?

    There are many ways to market yourself both online and offline, and believe it or not, you’re already half way there. Open a Mathematainment profile, begin adding content and sharing it across social media, perhaps invest in Facebook or Google adverts.

    Contact our team on Though are a small team which is continually growing, we have a wealth of experience and can assist in putting you in the right direction.

  • 20)Is my articles interesting?

    You tell us! If you are a keen writer you may already have a following. Are people commenting on your current articles? Asking questions? How much traffic is your articles getting on a daily or monthly basis? If you can confidently answer these questions, then the answer is yes. Remember, what is interesting to some may not be interesting to others. Create a Mathematainment profile, get uploading and you may be surprised at just how many people are interested in your work!

  • 21)Do I have something worth paying for?

    Similar to question 18, if people are visiting your articles or interested in your knowledge then, the simple answer is yes. If you can take a concept and define it clearly in a way that will stick in people’s minds, then there will always be individuals who are willing to pay for your knowledge. Be confident, create a profile and get going.

  • 22)You may not be aware, but your articles could actually be a book.

    Have you ever looked at the content of your articles and suddenly realized just how much information there is? Don’t sell yourself short, if you have the knowledge and you’re already writing, then your knowledge could be organized into a book. You may not know it yet but you could be closer to being a published author than you think.

  • 23)You may be giving your idea out and you not aware of it.

    Be smart, writing a articles and giving out your information for self promotion is necessary. However, if your information is being digested and enjoyed by many, you have a very real opportunity to monetise your knowledge. Drop us an email about yourself on let us help you grow that potential!