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Mathematainment is The site that allows you to LEARN, SELL and EARN all at the same time.
It's as simple as any shopping site can be. Find the content you like.


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Mathematainment is a unique new powerful marketplace for Educational contents.
Mathematainment offers its members potential to earn while they are also learning.
Mathematainment has been designed for anyone interested in receiving or offering educational contents to a large audience.Mathematainment provides a fantastic range of courses from top content creators around the globe.

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What else can I do?
Mathematainment not only provides an outlet for any and all educational resources but it acts as your very own online store. A purchased item immediately becomes visible on your public profile, the more you buy the more you ‘stock your shop’ As you promote your profile and build sales you will be awarded a commission directly from Mathematainment.

How does Mathematainment benefit me?
Apart from learning from some of the best teachers out there in your own time, Mathematainment is designed to be your central hub for education and commerce.

  • Earn a real income from uploading and selling your own course

  • Publish your thoughts and findings through your own articles

  • Gain the opportunity to be promoted to a wider audience

  • Refer courses and earn, even if you have not uploaded your own

  • Teacher or Learning institution? – Avoid the time and cost in maintaining and building your own platform and have your resources up and ready to be used in minutes.

How do I make money from my purchases?
Fancy that second income? Refer your profile or individual courses to your friends and family. Use social media – be creative and drive traffic to your profile and you will receive commission upon every sale. You are literally learning and stocking your own online store at the same time!

We aim to address any question you may have as quickly as possible. Please contact us using the details below:
For online enquiries please email info@mathematainment.com
For press enquiries please email press@mathematainment.com

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